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A333 GR 6 Low temperature pipe successfully delivered to Indian customers

Release Tme: 2024-07-09
Recently, GNEE successfully received a group of customers from India and successfully completed the delivery and inspection of 350 tons of A333 GR6 cryogenic tubes.
It is understood that this batch of A333GR6 carbon tubes will be used in an important industrial project in India. In order to ensure that the product quality meets the project requirements, Indian customers conducted an in-depth investigation and evaluation of GNEE before delivery. After visiting the production site and understanding the production process and quality control process, the customer expressed high recognition of GNEE's professional level and production capacity.
During the delivery process, GNEE provided Indian customers with a full range of service support. From product selection, specification confirmation to production progress tracking, quality inspection and other aspects, GNEE has arranged special personnel to be responsible for docking with customers to ensure that customer needs are met in a timely manner. At the same time, GNEE also provides customized product solutions according to customer needs to ensure that the product can perfectly match the project requirements.
In the quality inspection link, GNEE Group strictly follows international standards to carry out a series of rigorous tests. Including chemical composition analysis, mechanical properties testing, low-temperature impact toughness testing, etc., to ensure that product performance meets the requirements of A333 GR6 standards. At the same time, GNEE also invited a third-party authoritative testing agency to re-inspect the products to ensure the objectivity and fairness of the inspection results.
After rigorous inspection and testing, the quality of this batch of A333 GR6 cryogenic pipes was fully recognized by Indian customers. The customer said that the product quality provided by GNEE was reliable and the performance was stable, which fully met the project requirements. At the same time, the customer also highly praised GNEE's professional level and service attitude.
The successful completion of this transaction not only won GNEE the trust and praise of Indian customers, but also further enhanced GNEE's competitiveness in the international market.
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