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How To Judge The Quality Of Straight Seam Steel Pipe?

Release Tme: 2023-12-05

Most people know that straight-seam steel pipes are low-cost to produce and come in a variety of sizes. Mainly used to transport low-pressure flowing gases such as water, steam, and gas. But what should you pay attention to when purchasing straight seam steel pipes? How to close a trap? Not much is known yet. So, how to judge the quality of straight seam steel pipe products? As a carbon steel pipe manufacturer with many years of experience in producing straight-seam steel pipes, the following three suggestions are given for purchasing straight-seam steel pipes.
1. Thickness measurement of straight seam steel pipe
Straight seam steel pipe is the general name for high-frequency straight seam welded pipe (ERW steel pipe), submerged arc welded straight seam steel pipe (LSAW steel pipe) and other categories. With the continuous development and advancement of manufacturing technology, the production and processing technology of steel pipes is also increasingly keeping pace with the times. At present, the thickness of straight seam steel pipes is increasing and can directly replace some stainless steel pipes.
Normally, if the wall thickness of a straight-seam steel pipe is required to reach 10mm, then the actual produced straight-seam steel pipe will have a difference, such as 10.2mm or 9.75mm, which are normal deviations. However, in order to make unqualified straight-seam steel pipes look thicker, many unqualified manufacturers will use hammers to blunt the ends of straight-seam steel pipes to make them look thicker. Therefore, instruments can be used for measurement when purchasing straight seam steel pipes. A look at the thickness of the pipe wall will reveal these little tricks.
Straight seam submerged arc welded straight seam steel pipe
2. Judgment of the quality of straight seam steel pipes
A. Whether the material is uniform: The raw materials of inferior straight seam steel pipes have too many impurities and uneven materials, resulting in low steel density and serious size and weight deviations. Qualified straight seam steel pipes are made of high-quality materials, with uniform composition and smooth and neat cut surfaces.
b. Whether the strength meets the standards: inferior straight-seam steel pipes are easy to break or bend and can withstand gravity and pressure differences, while high-quality straight-seam steel pipes have high strength, are not easily damaged, and have a long service life.
C. Whether there are errors in specifications and weight: Inferior straight-seam steel pipes may have dimensional deviations and unqualified weights due to process or human problems, while high-quality straight-seam steel pipes have small errors, sufficient weight, and meet the standards.
3. Factory inspection of straight seam steel pipes
Straight seam steel pipes undergo a number of rigorous tests before leaving the factory. If one of them does not meet the factory standards, the unqualified straight seam steel pipes need to be picked out and double the number of samples taken from the same batch of straight seam steel pipes. Re-inspection of unqualified straight seam steel pipes. If the re-inspection does not meet the standards, the order will not be shipped.



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