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ASTMA210/A210M Seamless Steel Pipe

Release Tme: 2024-02-05

ASTMA210/A210M seamless steel pipe
"Specification for Medium Carbon Steel Seamless Steel Tubes for Boilers and Superheaters"
Product grade: Grade a-1, Grade C
Product specifications: outer diameter 21.3mm~762mm, wall thickness 2.0mm~130mm
Production method: hot rolling, delivery status: hot rolling, heat treatment
The product should comply with the requirements of TSGD7002-2006 "Type Test Rules for Pressure Pipe Components". Tensile test-sample a tensile test from each batch of no more than 50 steel pipes. Two tensile tests shall be conducted on samples from each batch of more than 50 steel pipes. Flattening Inspection-Take one completed steel pipe from each batch, but not the one used for flaring inspection, and take a sample from each end for a flattening inspection. For grade C steel pipes with an outer diameter equal to or less than 2.375 inches, tearing or breakage at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock will not be used as a basis for scrapping.
Expansion inspection - Take one completed steel pipe from each batch, but not the one used for flattening inspection. Take a sample from each end for an expansion inspection. Hardness inspection - Take two steel pipe samples from each batch for distribution. or Rockwell hardness test. Hydraulic inspection or non-destructive testing - Each steel pipe must be hydraulically inspected. Upon approval by the purchaser, non-destructive testing can be used instead of hydraulic inspection and forming operations.
After the steel pipe is embedded in the boiler, it should be able to withstand the expansion and crimping operations without cracks or cracks. The superheater steel camp should be able to withstand the necessary forging during production under normal operation, and there should be no defects on the welded and bent surfaces.
The mark should also include whether it is a hot-processed pipe or a cold-processed pipe.
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