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FRP Spiral Insulation Pipe

Release Tme: 2024-07-01

FRP spiral insulation pipe is a reinforced composite pipe made of glass fiber and organic polymer materials, also known as glass fiber reinforced thermosetting plastic pipe.
Its structure mainly consists of three parts: inner lining layer, insulation layer and outer protective layer. The inner lining layer and outer protective layer are usually made of FRP materials, while the insulation layer is made of organic or inorganic insulation materials.Advantages Of Polyurethane Insulated Pipe
Here are some of the main features of FRP spiral insulation pipe:
Excellent insulation performance: This pipe adopts advanced insulation materials and production technology, which can effectively reduce the heat loss of the pipe and improve energy utilization.
Strong corrosion resistance: FRP material has good corrosion resistance and can resist the erosion of various chemical substances, thereby extending the service life of the pipe.
Easy construction: FRP spiral insulation pipe has a simple structure and convenient construction. It can be directly buried or installed by overhead, trench, etc., which greatly shortens the construction period.
Beautiful and practical: This pipe has a beautiful appearance, and can be matched with colors and designed according to needs. It has strong practicality and decorativeness.

FRP energy saving insulation pipe

FRP spiral insulation pipe

Wall Tickess 0.5mm-16mm
Length 1m-12m ,or by customer's requirements
End 30~35° Beveled end
Internal lining Epoxy , cement motar, and according to customers requirement
Operating pressure <1.6Mpa
Laid way Buried, overhead, trench
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