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A335 P11 steel pipes ordered by Pakistani customers were successfully delivered

Release Tme: 2024-07-02
Recently, Pakistani customers visited the GNEE steel pipe production workshop and successfully received the ordered A335 P11 steel pipes.
During the visit, Pakistani customers had an in-depth understanding of the production process and quality control system of A335 P11 alloy steel pipes. They visited the production line and witnessed the entire production process from raw materials to finished products, and expressed their appreciation for the advanced production equipment and strict quality control of the GNEE steel pipe production workshop.
At the delivery ceremony, the person in charge of GNEE gave a detailed introduction to the production process and quality control points of A335 P11 steel pipes. They said that in order to ensure the quality and performance of the steel pipes, the workshop adopted advanced production technology and strict quality control measures, and strictly controlled each process. At the same time, they also actively introduced advanced testing equipment and technology at home and abroad, and conducted comprehensive testing on the chemical composition, mechanical properties and other indicators of the steel pipes to ensure that the products meet international standards and customer requirements.

The Pakistani delegation expressed full confidence in the professional strength and product quality of the GNEE steel pipe production workshop. They said that the A335 P11 steel pipes ordered this time will be used in Pakistan's power and energy construction projects, which is of great significance for ensuring the smooth progress of the projects and promoting the development of Pakistan's economy.
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