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What Is A Superheater Tube?

Release Tme: 2024-04-23

boiler superheater
The boiler superheater is a heating surface that heats the saturated water steam separated from steam and water to the rated superheated steam.
Boiler superheater tube material
The superheater tube wall metal experiences the highest temperatures among the boiler pressure components. Therefore, high-temperature resistant low carbon steel and various chromium-molybdenum alloy steels must be used. At the highest temperatures, austenitic chromium-nickel stainless steels are sometimes used.

Carbon steel pipe:SA210 C

Standard Grade Application
ASME SA210 C ASTM SA210 C tubes widely used in 300MW, 600MW and other large capacity power station boilers, with working temperature lower than 500 ℃, such as water wall, economizer, low-temperature superheater, etc.

Alloy steel tube:SA213 T11,SA213 T12,15CrMoG,SA213 T22,12Cr1MoVG,SA213 T23,SA213 T91,SA213 T92.

Standard Grade Application
ASME SA213 T11 ASME SA213 T11 Tubes forl Boiler, Superheater, and Heat-Exchanger.
T12 ASME SA213 T12 Tubes are widely used in boiler superheater, reheater and other heating surface piping, header and main steam pipeline with working temperature not exceeding 550 ℃ of large capacity power station boiler, such as 300MW and 600MW.
T22 ASME SA213 T22 Tubes are mainly used for superheater with wall temperature ≤ 580 ° C and steam pipe and header with wall temperature ≤ 540 ° C of large capacity power station boiler such as 300MW.,600MW. This kind of steel has been widely used in the United States, Japan and Europe. It has a long history in power plant operation and is a mature steel with stable running and good process performance.
T23 ASME SA213 T23 Seamless Steel Tubes are mainly suitable for manufacturing superheater, reheater and water wall of large-scale utility boiler, and SA213 T23 Seamless Steel Tubes are better choice material for the main steam temperature below 620 ℃.
T91 ASME SA213 T91 steel tubes are mainly used for manufacturing high temperature superheater, reheater and other pressure parts of subcritical and supercritical power plant boilers with metal wall temperature not exceeding 625 ° C, and also for pressure vessels and nuclear power high temperature pressure parts.
T92 ASME SA213 T92 steel tubes have excellent performance, and the use temperature can reach 650 ℃. It can partially replace TP304H and TP347H austenitic stainless steel tubes to manufacture sub-critical, super-critical, or even super-supercritical power plant boilers with metal wall temperatures not exceeding 650 ° C, such as high-temperature superheaters, reheater tubes, and main steam tubes.
GB5310 15CrMoG GB5310 15CrMoG Pipes are applied to high and medium pressure boiler steam pipes, headers, superheater pipes with wall temperature of 540 ° C, forgings and elastic elements with steam parameters of 510° C.
12Cr1MoVG GB5310 12Cr1MoVG alloy steel pipes are mainly used for boiler superheater, reheater and other heating surface piping systems with metal wall temperature not exceeding 580 ° C, boiler header and main steam pipe and other pressure parts with metal wall temperature not exceeding 565 ° C.

boiler superheater

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