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Saudi Arabian Customer's 20# Seamless Pipe Order Delivered By GNEE

Release Tme: 2024-06-04

GNEE has successfully reached a cooperation with a large Saudi enterprise to supply a batch of high-quality 20# steel pipes, which will be delivered soon! This order is not only of considerable quantity, but also has extremely strict requirements on the specifications, materials and performance of steel pipes. The 20# steel pipes ordered this time will be widely used in Saudi Arabia's infrastructure construction and industrial development.

20# Seamless Pipe

 Accompanied by the head of the workshop, the Saudi customers visited the company's production line, quality control center and product research and development department. They carefully watched the production process of 20# steel pipes, including the selection, processing, forming, welding and quality inspection of raw materials. At the same time, they also learned in detail about GNEE's latest achievements in technological innovation, quality management and environmentally friendly production.

Gnee Customer visit

In order to ensure that the quality and performance of 20# steel pipe products meet the needs of the Saudi market, Saudi customers also brought professional testing equipment and teams to conduct strict testing on steel pipe 20#. They conducted comprehensive tests on key indicators such as size, material, strength, toughness and corrosion resistance of steel pipes in accordance with international standards and the special requirements of the Saudi market. After a series of tests, Saudi customers highly recognized the quality of GNEE steel pipe products and gave high praise.

Saudi Arabian Customer's 20# Seamless Pipe Order Delivered by GNEE

After the visit and testing, they had a deeper understanding of the production process and quality management system of GNEE steel pipe products, and were full of confidence in GNEE's technical strength and product quality. They hope to further strengthen cooperation with GNEE in the future!

Saudi Arabian Customer's 20# Seamless Pipe Order Delivered by GNEE

GNEE exports 20# steel pipes to 65 countries and regions around the world every year. The price is 5% lower than other suppliers, the production quality is strictly guaranteed, and there is a professional after-sales service team of 20 people. We will solve any doubts for you and provide project solutions! If you are looking for 20# seamless pipes, please contact us in time to get a quote! 

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