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Polish customers successfully ordered 195 tons of A53 ERW steel pipes

Release Tme: 2024-06-05
On the important day of June 3, GNEE welcomed a group of important customers from Poland. The purpose of the Polish customers' visit was to visit GNEE's workshop production line and test the quality of A53 ERW steel pipes.
Under the warm reception and professional accompaniment of the GNEE team, the Polish customers visited the company's steel pipe production workshop in depth.
During the visit, the Polish customers were first guided to the entrance of the workshop, where the neat and orderly environment and strict safety management system left a deep impression on the customers. Afterwards, the customers followed the professional guides and gradually went deep into the various production links of the workshop.
In front of the production line, the customers witnessed the whole process from raw material storage to finished product delivery. They learned in detail about the selection, cutting, forming, welding, testing and other links of steel pipes, and appreciated GNEE's advanced production equipment, superb process technology and strict quality control.
Especially in the quality inspection link, customers admired GNEE's strict standards and efficient testing methods. They learned that each steel pipe must undergo multiple quality inspections to ensure stable product performance and reliable quality. This rigorous attitude and professional spirit made the Polish customers full of confidence in GNEE's products.
After the visit, the Polish customers had an in-depth exchange with the GNEE team. They said that through this visit, they not only understood the production process of steel pipes, but also had an intuitive understanding of GNEE's professional strength and technical level.
After in-depth communication and negotiation, the Polish customers finally decided to order a batch of A53 ERW steel pipes. This batch of steel pipes will be used in major engineering projects in Poland, and their excellent performance and reliable quality will provide a strong guarantee for the smooth implementation of the project.

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