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Cement Mortar Anti-Corrosion Steel Pipe

Release Tme: 2024-07-03

Cement mortar anti-corrosion steel pipe is coated with cement mortar anti-corrosion layer, which forms a solid protective layer on the surface of the steel pipe and effectively prevents the steel pipe from being corroded.

The grades of cement mortar anti-corrosion steel pipe mortar are M3, M5, M7.5, M10, M12.5, M15, M20, M25, M30, and M40. Mortar is divided into masonry, plastering, and joints according to its use, which has nothing to do with the grade. After the cement mortar work is completed, there is another important process, which is air drying, that is, air drying for 2-3 days in a natural state, mainly to prevent the cement mortar from cracking due to bumps during transportation.

Coating FEB, 2PE/3LPE, 3PP, HDPE, Cement Mortar lining,
Coating Standard DIN30670, CSA, Z245.21, CSA Z245.20, AS1518, AWWA C213
Ends Plain ends, Beveled ends
Delivery Depends on the order quantity, normal within 30 days
Payment T/T, L/C,
Packing Bundled, In Bulk, Plastic caps plugged, Waterproof paper wrapped etc.
Application Oil pipeline, Natural gas industry, Refineries, Sewage treatment facilities, Water treatment applications, Electric power plants, Food handling industry, Waterworks pipelines etc
Cement mortar lining anticorrosion tube

Cement mortar anti-corrosion steel pipe

The main indicators of cement mortar anti-corrosion steel pipe quality inspection include thickness, uniformity, integrity, appearance, whether it meets the requirements of the specification standards, and whether there are cracks, hollows, roughness, segregation, shedding and other phenomena.
The thickness deviation is usually required to be no more than ±2mm, and there should be no gap of more than 2mm when using a 300mm ruler to detect axial flatness.
The hollow area per square meter shall not exceed the limit value, and each place shall not be larger than a specific area (such as 100cm^2).


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