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Uses of SSAW steel pipes

Release Tme: 2023-09-25

Uses of SSAW steel pipes

Product inctroduction
SSAW spiral submerged arc welded pipe pipe manufacturing standards comply with <>GB9711.1. Submerged arc welding (including submerged arc surfacing and electroslag surfacing, etc.) is an important welding method with inherent stable welding quality and high welding productivity.

SSAW spiral steel pipe is used in water supply projects, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, electric power industry, agricultural irrigation, and urban construction. It is one of the twenty key products developed in my country. For liquid transportation: water supply, drainage. For gas transportation: gas , steam, liquefied petroleum gas. For structural purposes: piling pipes, bridges; pipes for docks, roads, building structures, etc.


Submerged arc welding (including submerged arc surfacing and electroslag surfacing, etc.) is an important welding method.
Its inherent advantages include stable welding quality, high welding productivity, no arc light and little smoke, making it an ideal choice for pressure vessels,The main welding method in the production of important steel structures such as pipe sections and box beams and columns.
In recent years, although many efficient and high-quality new welding methods have emerged, the application fields of submerged arc welding have not been affected in any way. From the perspective of the weight share of deposited metal by various fusion welding methods, submerged arc welding accounts for about 10% and has not changed much over the years.


Product Features
1.SSAW/SAWH pipes are available in a wider diameter range compared to ERW and LSAW pipes
2.Since spiral submerged arc welded pipes/submerged arc welded pipes are made from narrower hot-rolled steel plates, production costs are reduced, bringing additional cost benefits to users.
3.Spiral submerged arc welding/submerged arc welding shows good performance, especially in terms of stress carrying.

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